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The End is Near!! So Close but yet So Far...

I'm still reading Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. I haven't been reading as frequently as I probably should. I just can't wait for this school year to be over because we are so close to the end. Having that in mind makes it difficult for me to focus at times. Sadly at the rate I'm going I'm not sure if I'll make my reading goal before the deadline. I still have time to try and make my goal, so I still think I have a chance to get at least five. 

In Uncle Tom's Cabin a slave owner named Mr. Harris allowed one of his slaves, George, to work in a bagging factory. George was handsome and intelligent, and he created a machine to clean hemp. while explaining to his master how his machine worked Mr. Harris began to feel inferior to George. Feeling as though his pride had been attacked, he sent George back to the field to bring George's self esteem down and make himself feel better. "he says he'll bring me down and humble me, and he puts me to just the hardest, meanest and dirtiest work" (15). To make sure George cant learn or teach him self in his free time he makes sure to keep him busy with work. "I thought I could do my work well, and keep on quiet, and have some time to read and learn out of work hours; but the more he sees I can do, the more he loads on" (15). Through Mr.Harris and his haughtiness the author shows an example of how people feel better about the displeasure of others.

Why do people feel the need to bring others down to make them selves feel better? It happens all the time when people talk bad about others or bully one another. Putting someone else down does nothing to make you better. Just by making George do more work would not somehow make Mr Harris a hero, yet he felt the need to do it anyway. I believe its wrong to punish a person because they are better than you and that they should be a reason for you to want to better yourself. 


  1. I like the analysis of your entry. What I am curious about in your entry however, is your consideration for how to remedy the conflict of satifying feelings of inferiority. If society is built on different social classes (upper and lower) and different postions of authority (bosses and employees), how can one effectivley prevent others from feeling inferior to others?


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